• Slate is an online community for education

    With teachers & students on its platform, Slate offers a discovery platform for teachers, students & parents. From following your passion to searching for the right educator and getting recommendations, we have got it all in one place.

Why Slate?

  • Education is a fundamental right for all.
  • Our platform provides tools for Teachers, Students and Parents to collaborate and build communities, which is based on the progress of education & learning.

We are trying to build a community that solves the following problems:

  • Make educationist entrepreneur.
  • Help student and the best teachers to guide them on right career path by connecting to the top minds in the place.
  • Build a community that facilitates good education & knowledge.
  • Skill development for students that allow them to get the right job or entrepreneurs.

For Teachers

  • Contribute to the communities and earn "Karma" points.
  • Build your own brand and become an entrepreneur
  • Expand your students base
  • Build relationships & reputation online
  • Connect with your peers
  • Grow your carrier
  • Upskill yourself

For Students

  • Discover your passion
  • Connect and follow the awesome teachers you want to learn from
  • Get recommendations from your mentors, fellow students and teachers
  • Build your carrier path & reputation among peers
  • Contribute to the community
  • Upskill yourself
  • Find hacks from experts on various subjects

For Parents

  • Find the right educator for your child with a click of a mouse
  • No more asking for personal recommendation on teachers
  • Find the right educator for your child
  • Educator discovery tool
  • Build a great online profile for your child and help them follow their passion

Our features make us different

Let’s build a community and grow together

Relevant content for the audience
The content you see on Slate will be in sync with your classes and subjects so you don’t find them irrelevant at any given point of time.
Right feeds and recommendations
The feeds, recommendations to connect with teachers, communities, students and parents will come up according to our strong AI driven platform algorithms.
Posts & Live stream
You can post your own content, seek help, have teachers build Communities around your posts (based on upvotes) and even go live on the platform.
Let teachers build community around the most complex and difficult topics and subjects so you become a part of it and grow.
Endorsement and Ratings
Seek and get endorsements and improve your self-branding.
Search, connect and chat
Find and connect with teachers and students based on the subjects, colleges, boards/universities and platform ratings.

Start your new education with the most serious educational platform - Slate

The idea of collaboration was always within education, you know you can go back thousands of years and educators and learners would collaborate. However, technology has taken us to a level where we can collaborate beyond our wildest imaginations. The purpose is to make a platform that makes this collaboration among Educators and Students even easier.